New kid on the block: Posh Slosh

We are always looking for great new places to purchase wine and interesting wines at that.

There is a new wine website in town,, that now offers the ability to purchase wines that were previously only available to restaurants and fine wine shops.

Paul Simmons from Manifesto Wine Company gives us some background on his new venture and we invite you to take a tour of this new vino delight!

Hi Paul, please tell us a bit more about your new venture…

“Posh Slosh offers an easy way for people to access our wines at a retail level. I started importing wines and representing a few quirky local guys who were doing interesting and great things in New Zealand, about 6 years ago, after 20 years involved with wine and food, mostly in the restaurant side of the industry.

I started Manifesto after a stint of a few years of spending 6 months in Europe and 6 months here each, having found a few gems along the way. So I really fell into a niche unintentionally, by choosing wines that I loved, from winemakers with a similar attitude to life.

Posh Slosh 2

I came from the restaurant trade, including 7 years with my own Wine Bar. So as I was importing wines that were either outside the mainstream, or of a quality that put them outside the supermarket price points, it seemed only natural to concentrate on getting the wines placed in restaurants and bars, where people who loved them could introduce them to the public at large.

So, pretty soon, 90% of what I sold was being sold that way. As a consequence, my customers were soon being asked by their customers, where they could buy the wines. Well nowhere really.

Many of the handful of quality wine retailers import their own range, so although I got support, and wines placed where there was a product gap, there was nowhere that they could be directed with any guarantee of being able to buy the wine they’d just tasted.

Short story: Posh Slosh was born to fill the need. The site has only just gone live in the last few months, but is already attracting sales.

For me also, it was an opportunity to extend beyond the restaurant trade, and be more flexible with what I import. All my current suppliers have a great range of wines, and with some I barely scratch the surface, so it has given me the opportunity to bring in small parcels of a range of wines to play with.

So, I look forward to seeing the site grow, our eclectic range grow, and hopefully extend more and more into the public realm to have a bit of fun through tasting events.

And going forward, rather than creating yet another site with the same tired specials, we hope to not only keep the portfolio interesting, but delve more into the stories behind the wine, the experience of having wine with food, and some of the magic that makes a glass memorable, and associated with life and the enjoyment of it, time, place, food, people.

In the meantime, when you’re sitting in a restaurant, loving the glass of Cusumano Insolia, La Valentina Pecorino, or Etna Rosso that you’ve just been talked in to buying, it will be that much easier to buy a bottle of it online when you get home. And instead of that ungratifying experience of heading of to your local wine shop, fizzing about this great wine you had at a restaurant last night, only to be met by a blank stare, maybe partly due to the fact that you don’t have quite enough detail, (like its name,) you’ll be able to go online and hopefully recognise the label.

Interesting wine made easy. Check it out here!”

Cheers Paul!

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