Sip: Stonyridge Larose 2010 from Waiheke

There are a few iconic wines from New Zealand and Stonyridge Larose is one of the illustrious.

Purchased through an en primeur system, basically before the wine is even bottled, this wine has a history and reputation that proceeds it. They won’t even make it in the years that they don’t think the wine or conditions are up to snuff.

I was very lucky to have the chance to taste one of these prized bottles at a recent afternoon get together and I have to say, it was a beautiful wine, one that I was privileged to have a taste of as they are a bit hard to find and also an investment!

2010 Larose

Stonyridge was founded by Stephen White, who had a vision and the perseverance to make his dream come true. Consumers are able to taste the fruits of this crusade and the classically styled world-class Bordeaux-style red wine that is the backbone of his winery. Stonyridge has also been credited with many firsts:

  • First NZ winemaker to make a wine from the Bordeaux Four (Cab.Sauv., Merlot, Cab.Franc, Malbec) and Bordeaux Five (adding Petit Verdot)
  • First NZ winemaker to exclusively use barriques, and one of the first to have an underground barrel cellar
  • First NZ winemaker to sell “en primeur”
  • First to plant a commercial olive grove and a cork forest

Larose is an upper level course that wants to teach you about Waiheke terroir. A classic combination that combines the essence of bordeaux blend grapes with a terrain that is based at the bottom of the word with tough richness and strong determination. Complex with a slight hint of green, yet still powerful with a perfume and intensity. Brimming with coffee on the outset that leads to mocha and a jam backbone, a through to a stone mineral base that brings it back to earth. A true professional in its field this wine is one to appreciate at length and with good company.


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