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The Aidan Kelly Project

I want to introduce you to Aidan Kelly. Aidan’s only 23 and he’s ridiculously talented. He’s also genuinely inspiring.

A Marlborough orphan like myself, until recently Aidan was a full-time musician on the streets of our capital city. Saturday mornings you will find him busking on Blenheim’s Market Street.

And he has a semi-regular gig Friday/Saturday nights at Yard Bar, Ritual and Scotch – a recent development after winning a local talent contest.

But music’s an expensive habit. By day, Aidan’s a viticulturist for Cloudy Bay Vineyards, hence the recent move to Blenheim (not the most obvious choice for an aspiring musician!). It was an opportunity too good to pass up and one that feeds his insatiable thirst as an ecologist.

Despite being the best live act I’ve seen anywhere in years (and yes, I do get out!) and a talented song writer, this is his true passion. Aidan wants more than anything to own a modest piece of land, to grow food and to teach people about holistic living. Whilst his ideals may be more modest than my own (I’m a Taurus what can I say?!) he’s a thought leader. And he doesn’t preach. But watch his eyes light up when he talks about food forestry (at its simplest, this is the application of ecosystem principles to food and resource production, utilising multiple layers of production – think of the different layers of the forest, the soil, shrub layer, canopy etc. – to maximise productivity). He’s also an aspiring winemaker.

He’s one to watch, literally – check out his Facebook page. I think he’d give Ed Sheeran a run for his money. ‘Understanding in a Car Crash’ is crazy beautiful. Star struck? Not much.


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