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Trendsetter: Rachael Carter from Soho Wines Co.

Rachael Carter

Soho Wine Co Founder & Managing Director Rachael Carter and her team are mixing up the New Zealand wine arena with handsome models, chic labels, stylish fashion designer names and last but not least, great award-winning wines!

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That’s why Soho is one of my favourite wine brands and hopefully the first lifestyle brand of many more to come…

Hi Rachael, thanks a lot for your time, let’s get started …

First Job
Waitressing at bars part-time but full-time was working for my dad who owned a Wine Supplies Company (corks, caps, barrels, yeasts, machinery etc) – I was his secretary!

What does a typical day at work look like for you?
Replying to many emails, planning sales & current stocks, staff meetings, new markets, juggling this cash thirsty business, generally a wine with lunch over my computer and catching up on staff news and TV gossip!

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If you were a wine, what wine would you be?
A Chardonnay… you always have a good time on Chard!

What would you do if you wouldn’t be Managing Director of Soho?
I always wanted to be an actor in Hollywood although I think I would have made a good PI.

Why did you decide to work in the wine industry?
I was dragged in by my dad.

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What’s so special about New Zealand wine?
We have such unique landscape, our climate & soil etc… the main thing I love about New Zealand wine is our commitment to quality, we have such beautiful fruit and amazing winemakers who craft premium wine that is really reflective of the terroir.. giving each wine a real personality.

Wine & dine, what’s your favourite match?
Roast Pork, Apple sauce and Chardonnay followed by Lemon Meringue Pie and Riesling.

Share a fact about yourself that only a few know:
I am obsessed with Hollywood, Jewish people & Netflix.

Hidden gems and favourite spots in Auckland:
United Kitchen in Pons is my fav at the mo (at the back of Bar 151).

Things you still want to do:
Go to Croatia (my mother’s motherland) on a super yacht with my little girl and good friends, go to the Superbowl & maybe meet Mr Right.

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Last book read: 
Life – Keith Richards.

Advice on buying wine:
Don’t always go on price, if you like something go for it, wine is just like food … you know what you like and what you don’t like.  Don’t ever let anyone make you feel insecure by their wine snobbery.

Dead or alive, who would you like to share a glass of vino with?
Girl – Chelsea Handler (she’s so funny & would be a great drinking buddy)
Guy – David Beckham (because he’s so HOT)

Thank you soho much Rachael. Sorry, I had to write that!

Visit Soho’s website for more info and make sure you follow them on Instagram | Facebook & Twitter.


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’14 Savs: Cool Kid & Crowd Pleaser

While we’re waiting for the first ’15 Savs to hit the shelves, we’d like to share a ’14 “crowd pleaser” and introduce you to a “cool kid in class”!

’14 Soho White Collection Sauvignon Blanc:

Marlborough, New Zealand (South Island)

This is definitely the cool kid in class. Reserved with a hip, youthful air, she wears light and breezy fabrics with an overlay of lime, lemon and grapefruit zest. Fun and flighty this is an easy friendship to have. 

A lovely chicken meal al fresco.

Find out more here.

’14 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc:

Marlborough, New Zealand (South Island) 

This is obviously a well known crowd pleaser and it’s like the popular corner lemonade stand. The blend on offer is a sweet-tart lemon-lime infusion with blended lychees. Served in a metal mug to give a hint of metallic twist, the smell of fresh cut grass in the background and an acidic bite cuts through the fruit leaving a zesty tang.

Fresh salads.

Find out more here.


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