Must Read: The Craft and the Makers

I have to admit, I’m not an avid reader. I struggle to get through a novel within a year, BUT I do have a card from every city’s library I’ve lived in because I love flicking through travel, interior and design books.

A book that I keep going back to and I would like to tell you a bit more about is The Craft and the Makers by Gestalten.

It showcases crafted products created by small manufacturers and there are obviously a lot of parallels to the wine industry. You grow a raw product or carefully source it, apply skills and expertise gained from years of mastering your craft and turn it into a product that is far from anything mass produced you can find on a supermarket shelf.

Yes, products like that which are often pieces of art do come with a higher price tag but if people would have a better understanding of what’s involved in the progress of creating high quality goods like that and meet the maker, I feel that they’d understand that the price is justified.

That’s why one of the things I love most about this blog is talking to boutique wineries and allow you to e-meet the makers who are passionately crafting wines you won’t find in the supermarket.

Back to the book, The Craft and the Makers profiles savvy businesses that are choosing to focus on craftsmanship and aiming to create things with a soul.

My favourite makers from the book are:

The Craft and the Makers 2

You can support a local business by purchasing the book from the lovely Paper Plane store here.


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