Wise & Wonderful Unicorns

Wise and Wonderful Unicorns

These Wise and Wonderful Unicorn bubbles represent the wisdom and sageness of New Zealand wineries and winemakers to make the best bubbly they can from our pristine vineyards, combining the best winemaking techniques, combination and blends of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and extensive ageing regimens.

There is not a great depth of understanding as to what it takes to create this little bit of magic, but when you taste one of these bottles you understand perfectly why sparkling wines are unicorns unto themselves, a touch of magic has just appeared at your table.

These wines are mainly Méthode Traditionelle, meaning that they make the wine naturally to create the bubble, rather than just add bubbles to still wine. This takes time, strategy, vision, and most of all passion and patience!

Take a moment over this special holiday season to try some of these superb examples and to toast what is most magical in your life. It’s these moments in time that mean the most and capture the essence and spirit of celebration, of gratefulness and enjoyment.

We know you will soon want to have unicorn bubbles everyday as we do. Salud!

Wise & Wonderful Unicorns

Akarua Vintage Brut 2011 from Bannockburn in Central Otago | $48
Méthode Traditionelle, Pinot Noir dominant with 3 years on yeast

Light and airy, this is a balanced and wise wizard of bubbly. You know it is an elder of the tribe with ingrained knowledge of the secrets that are passed down from generation to generation on how to master the art of the bubble.

A congruence of intelligence and beauty, this bubbly unfolds with lingering aromas and flavours of citrus and apple mixed with biscuit and layered intensity.

Aotea by the Seifried Family from Nelson | $39
Méthode Traditionelle, hand harvested 50% Chardonnay & 50% Pinot Noir, aged for 4 years prior to disgorging and bottling

The blue blooded bubbly is sure to win hearts over as they did by Winning ‘WineWorks Champion Sparkling Wine’ at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards 2017.

This inaugural debut for this family run Nelson winery is a testament to their dedication and passion for producing the best possible wines. The hand selected fruit was harvested from the family’s Brightwater and ‘Cornfield’ Vineyards, both on the Waimea Plains.

This bubbly starts off with just the right amount of dry yeasty notes, giving it gravitas and follows with fine bubbles that give elegant white stone peaches, lemon essence and an overall texture and brightness that entices and intrigues.

Both delicate and flavourful, you notice instantly that this is one to take note of.

Nautilus Cuvée NV from Marlborough | $40
70% Pinot Noir & 30% Chardonnay, aged on lees for 3 years

Balance and nuance is the hallmark for this charming unicorn creature. Dapper and debonair, you are greeted with lovely toast and yeast notes, a lovely creamy mousse and hints of toasted nuts. Really who could not be swayed?!

The light straw colour belies its full and elegant flavours and structure with crisp citrus and peach that glide through with a generous mouthful into a dry yet stylish finish.

Sherwood Estate Laverique 2012 from Waipara | $34
Méthode Traditionelle, 50% Pinot Noir & 50% Chardonnay, aged on lees for 3 years 

This graceful unicorn leaps and cavorts, sprinkling magic through your taste buds. Mouthwatering, creamy and balanced with a lyrical twist of nectarine, toast and the lightest touch of honey and minerals. Decadent yet approachable, the flavours lend to it delicate bubbles and to full creamy toast and nut accents.

Sit back with this lovely bubbles, and ponder the lightness and tranquility, take a unicorn break!

Spy Valley Echelon 2011 from Marlborough | $37
Méthode Traditionelle, 59% Pinot Noir & 41% Chardonnay, aged in old oak for a year before bottling and then disgorged after 3.5 years maturing on its lees

These bubbles are just pretty! Like having flowers woven through your hair, its elegant and delicate fairy bubbles offers creaminess, and beautiful floral aromas. Long soft apple flavours zip and frolic with luscious pear, finishing with the softness of a summer serenade.

Dry and persistent, it’s an ode to a mid-summers night dream, one you may need more than one bottle of to accompany you.

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Stay magical!