5 Top Predictions for New Zealand Wine in 2018

5 Top Predictions 2018

Happy New Year everyone! Resolutions, trends, predictions and let’s not forget annual horoscopes, there are a lot of fun reads out there at the moment and we decided to join in with our 5 Top Predictions for New Zealand Wine in 2018.

The following predictions or trends are based on chats to you, our dear readers, and working with a bunch of amazing New Zealand producers over the last year.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

1 | Bubbles Boom

No 1 Family Estate

A tipple that is usually shared during special celebrations such birthdays and Christmas, sparkling wines are more and more a go-to choice all year around. The increase in small format bottles such as Moët Mini make a great excuse to enjoy bubbles on your own. Or crack open a magnum and start with breakkie and bubbles in bed, followed by a bubbly brunch with friends, a mimosa in the afternoon and finish it off with a bubbly bath and a good book or movie.

Ok, you might not want to do that every day… but we predict sparkling wines, and especially New Zealand bubbles, are on the rise in 2018. Mark the 20th of October in your diary, the second #nzbubblesday is not one to be missed!


2 | Chardonnay Comeback

Chardonnay Comeback

They used to be buttery and oaky and now they’re more often very lean. Chardonnay has not only lost its curves over the years but sadly its appeal especially amongst the younger generation of wine drinkers but we predict the queen of white wines is set for a comeback in 2018.

Curvy or skinny, whichever style you prefer, there are some stunning examples made throughout New Zealand. If wine lovers know upfront which style of Chardy they’re getting – maybe in a slightly more subtle way than “buttery” on the front label – the queen of whites, just like the royals, might be the new Gris in 2018, no wedding or Meghan required!


3 | Posh Pinks

Jules Taylor On the Quiet Rose

Once a by-product and sickly sweet, Rosé has come a long way with a huge selection of styles available now to suit every taste and budget. Traditionally produced and priced as entry-level wines, premium Rosé is now popping up in the top tiers of New Zealand producers such as Villa Maria’s Single Vineyard The Attorney Rosé and Jules Taylor’s On the Quiet Rosé.

Why not try some of these posh pink drinks on #nzroseday – the 5th of February 2018. You can easily track them down via our Rosé Directory.


4 | Shop your fav drop online

Great Little Vineyards

It’s no secret that online shopping is constantly growing but with the world of wine being a late adopter it has taken a while for wineries and retailers to make it onto wine lovers’ online shopping lists. But 2017 has seen huge improvements in that space with many producers and specialist retailers such as Great Little Vineyards and Glengarry’s rocking online sales with attractive offers, great fulfilment and customer service.

We predict to see more of that in 2018, especially amongst smaller producers, as they’re starting to focus more on online sales, effectively utilising their databases and social following they built over the years, enjoying sweet margins along the way.


5 | Cool Collabs

Mt Difficulty Duskies

The uber-successful launch of the Master of Ceremonies x Stolen Girlfriends Club collab late last year, was one hard to miss, and we predict – or let’s be honest hope – to see more of cool projects like that in 2018.

Other producers have also teamed up with some pretty rad lifestyle brands to brush off the dusty wine image, Mt Difficulty’s Duskies sunnies is another great example of that.

Sooo, those are our 5 Top Predictions for New Zealand Wine in 2018. What are yours? We’d love to hear them!