Live tasting success in 6 easy steps

Live Tasting

Host your first live chat, event or wine tasting by following these 6 easy steps:

1. Set a goal
Whether you’re keen to simply engage with existing customers or fans, increase your database, generate direct sales or Club sign-ups set a tangible goal.

2. Who do you want reach?
Trade, new or existing customers, casual sippers or wine connoisseurs. Make sure you know your audience.

3. Where do they hang out?
Zoom, GoToMeetings, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Pick a platform your audience and you are comfortable with.

4. Who is going to be involved?
Depending on your audience make sure you choose the right host. If your winemaker has excellent communication skills he might be the right fit for a trade or even consumer live event or tasting. But in a lot of cases your Cellar Door or sales staff have a lot more experience chatting about your wines and story, generating sales.

5. What are you’re going to chat about?
Follow the 3 E’s: Educate, entertain and engage. Don’t limit yourself to a formal live tasting.

6. Promotion
Invite, remind, remind! Use all your online channels and consider marketing your live event to new audiences via ads, collabs and PR.

Need ideas that suit your brand or a hand promoting your live event? Get in touch!