8 ways to capture harvest (on your phone)

Vintage PhotosPhoto by Arpad Czapp | Unsplash

If you’ve arranged for a professional video crew to capture harvest for you – high fives – but for many winemakers and marketers this job falls into the DIY category.

Before you get started, think about the content you want to create for each channel: feed posts, stories, reels, IGTV, live streams etc. Shoot everything in landscape and portrait and consider image ratios. 

Think of themes such as “a day in a life of a winemaker during vintage”, daily updates, from grape to bottle, detailed harvest report etc. to engage followers and fully take them along on your journey.


  1. Timelapse: set-up a timelapse of hand pickers, sunrise over the vineyard or some winery action. Plenty going on for sure.
  2. Reels: capture 0-5 second video snippets in portrait to stitch together later as a reel – think vine to bottle, behind the scenes, fun stop motion effects.
  3. Drone: wow your colleagues and get a drone for sweeping vineyard vistas. Make sure you have a play prior to launch.
  4. Close-ups: details matter and some wildflowers in the vineyard, zoomed in plunger action, dusty boots, secateurs, steaming coffee, dirty hands, sweat but hopefully no tears, is what vintage makes it such a special time.
  5. Boomerangs: download the app and create infinite pours, hand pick loops, pump over fun and more.
  6. Change perspective: elevate your shots with a ladder, perch up in the vineyard or winery, get into the driver’s seat or crawl into a tank. It’s worth it!
  7. Be human: unless you’re running a fully automated show, make sure to capture human elements. Ask prior for consent (signed to be sure) if you’re shooting faces but even hands and people from the back or in a distance make shots dynamic and perform much better on social too.
  8. Go live: take people along and go live. Interview your colleagues, capture the action and have fun!

Happy shooting and make sure to tag your photos with #nzv21!