Alternative Wine Packaging: Are you ready?

Things take a long time to be adopted in the wine industry. As I recently heard from one of the oldest wineries in New Zealand, “it may seem boring and staid on the outside, but its dynamic and fast moving on the inside.”

That may be the case but it seems to take wine drinkers a while to get over their pretentions when it comes to wine – it has a certain savior faire that is a bit hard to break.

For example, I recently came across this new innovation and invention, the Kuvee Smart Wine Dispenser. While interesting and futuristic I still wonder if punters will really engage with the digital bottle and switch it out from canister to canister for different wines.

Cans, wines on tap and wine in a box have been around for ages and they seem to go in and out of favour. There always seems to be a new trend that will highlight one and then it will blend again into obscurity without really making any headway into drinking habits.

The last real innovation in the industry is probably the screwcap that has really changed the way we open and drink wine but in all essence the overall look, feel and tangibility of what you think a wine bottle should be has never really changed.

So it would be interesting to hear from you what you think… how open are you to change your wine habits and are you open to new innovation?

Unless it is a trend or a gimmick, alternative packaging seems like a hard nut to crack.


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