Aromatherapy: Try these 5 Essential Sips

Aromatherapy Sip NZPhoto by Suzy Hazelwood

Aromatherapy is trending and so are aromatic wines. Give your diffuser a rest this autumn and sniff and sip through the aromatics wine aisle of your trusted wine retailer instead.

After all, about 70% of a wine’s taste comes from its smell and aromatics have an incredible spectrum of floral, fruity and spicy aromas to offer that help tantalise your senses.

Thanks to terpenes which are essential oils of many types of plants, aromatic wines practically leap out of the glass, changing your mood and mindset with their intense aromas and flavours.

Generally lower in alcohol and higher acidity, aromatics are the perfect dinner guest, especially when it comes to exotic and spicy cuisine.

Enjoy these 5 delicious aromatic wines including some old favourites and up and coming varietals:

Be inspired by Pinot Gris

NZ Pinot Gris

Adventurous and extremely versatile, Pinot Gris unleashes creative energy, gets you out of your comfort zone and inspires to try something new.

Apple, pear, honeysuckle and spice aromas put you in the right mindset to push boundaries, just like this talented varietal does when it comes to style and regional expressions within New Zealand and around the world.

Sip: Spade Oak Voysey Pinot Gris 2019 from Gisborne | $18.50

Relax with Riesling

3 Rieslings to Sip this Autumn

The trusted Riesling. Winemakers love Riesling it, consumers are harder to convince. Given its huge range of styles and age-ability, there’s bound to be a Riesling that’s right for you.

Its jasmine, honey, bright citrus and green apple aromas will help you relax and refresh, whether its bone or lusciously sweet. Don’t sweat to sip it right away, it’s one of the wines that ages beautifully and gains even more personality over the years.

Sip: Giesen Gemstone Riesling 2018 from Marlborough | $25

Indulge with Gewürztraminer

Blackenbrook Gewürztraminer

Go all out with Gewürz. This incredibly aromatic, off-dry wine offers pure indulgence with its distinct lychee, rose, cinnamon and ginger notes.

Think of fragrant Spring blossoms filling the air, urging you to stop, sip and smell the roses!

Sip: Blackenbrook Gewürztraminer 2019 from Nelson | $22.90

Energise with Albariño

Coopers Creek Bell-Ringer Albariño

Albariño is a see breeze in a glass that leaves you energised and dreaming of last next beach vacation.

Its citrus notes with a touch of spice, subtle saltiness, and uplifting acidity boost your vitality and easily turn this aromatic Spaniard into lasting holiday memories.

Sip: Coopers Creek Single Vineyard Bell-Ringer Albariño 2019 from Gisborne | $21

Focus with Grüner Veltliner

Jules Taylor Grüner Veltliner 2018

Grüner’s distinct herbaceous aromas combined with bright acidity and minerality allow you to find focus and put you in the right mindset to reach your goals.

Zingy and zesty lemon, lime and grapefruit paired with luscious nectarine aid concentration, while white pepper and its nuttiness give you the punch to push through boundaries and reach the finish line.

Sip: Jules Taylor Grüner Veltliner 2018 from Marlborough | $22