One to Watch: US Wine Blogger & Influencer Chel from Chel Loves Wine

Chel Loves Wine Chelsie PetrasChel Loves Wine | Chelsie Petras

Chelsie Petras, aka Chel Loves Wine is a wine blogger and influencer from New York City. She makes wine less intimidating one glass at a time which resonates with 28,000 Instagram followers and a rapidly growing YouTube channel.

We got in touch with Chel to find out more about her love of wine and journey to date….

Tell us a bit more about Chel Loves Wine
I started CLW almost 3 years ago. I was working a 9-5 job (and still am) in finance. I really needed a creative outlet so I decided that I was going to start a blog.

So, I started up my blog and my Instagram page that day and just hit the ground running. It’s been such an amazing experience being able to learn about wine and help others learn about wine along the way.

Sometimes it can be really stressful trying to work a full-time job on top of blogging, but it’s given me so much joy and allowed me to travel to amazing places and meet even more amazing people.

If you were a wine, what wine would you be?
I love this question! I would probably be a Malbec. Bold and robust, a little fruity, but with a kick of spice at the end.

What’s your go-to wine at the moment? 
I’m currently loving Beaujolais! It’s always been a top wine on my list but since we’re getting into the colder months, I’m loving these light bodied reds, like Beaujolais.

Chelsie Petras aka Chel Loves Wine

Chelsie Petras aka Chel Loves Wine

Which is your favourite New Zealand wine to date?
I actually just had a Pinot Noir from Maude wines which I thought was fantastic. I know New Zealand is known for its Sauvignon Blancs, which I love, but this Pinot Noir was awesome. Definitely eye-opening!

What advice would you give someone who is just starting their wine journey?
Don’t give up! The wine industry can be tough, especially for a woman. I would say it is key to get some sort of wine education, even the basics of wine so that you can have a base to keep learning. Wine is all about learning and the more you learn the more you understand.

Making connections with people in the wine industry is also SO important if you’re looking to start your own blog. Some of my favourite people ever I’ve met through my blog.

Share a fact about yourself that only a few know
This one is hard! I feel like I share so much on social media but I would say something only few know is that I’ve played volleyball my whole life and still continue to play on competitive adult leagues in New York City.

Chel chatting to Carl about Rosé

Chel chatting to Carl about Rosé

What’s on your bucket list?
Going to Australia and New Zealand is on the top of my bucket list! I’d also love to host my own TV show, go to an award show, I have so much on my list yet to accomplish!

Dead or alive, who would you like to share a glass of vino with?
This is a tough one because I would choose from so many people! But I’d probably pick Celine Dion. I’m going to see her in concert in March so maybe she’ll want to have a glass of wine with me!

Here’s a taste of Chel’s YouTube channel…

You can find out more about Chel on her blog here and make sure you’re also following her on Instagram & YouTube.