Day 4 | Mindful Bubbles Challenge: Focus

Mindful Bubbles: Focus

Cheers and sip!

Bubbles are the go-to celebratory drink which means that we don’t necessarily focus on the first impression of the wine while toasting to someone or an occasion.


In today’s Mindful Bubbles exercise we challenge you to focus on the sparkling experience.

Listen carefully to the sound of the foil, the squeaking of the cork twisting and the pop of course.

Watch the “smoke” slowly escaping, pour the bubbles carefully and observe the beads and foam dancing in the glass.

Sit back and simply watch the beads for a while. Swirl and smell the aromas. Sip and savour while focusing on the flavours developing and the bubbles tingling in your mouth.

Enjoy your mindful bubbles moment!

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Sip: Spade Oak Le Champ NV

Spade Oak Le Champ

Spade Oak Le Champ

Yearning to be a bit different? Want to show a different side to yourself? Le Champ is right for you.

A spicy expression of Chardonnay with just a touch of Muscat, adding the perfume that makes you undeniably desirable.

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Sip: Matahiwi Estate Blanc de Blanc

Matahiwi Estate Blanc de Blanc

Matahiwi Estate Blanc de Blanc

When you need a moment to yourself. Quiet. Simple. Yet full of eloquence and depth. When you search a bit deeper and want to really listen.

Matahiwi Blanc de Blanc pairs well with those special moments, offering quiet elegance with pure fruit expression. Perfect for some self-reflection!

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