Socks, Cup & Tie Free Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Father’s Day is about a week away, eeek! If you’re tossing up between socks, a coffee cup or  “funny” tie for your dad, keep scrolling and check out our gift ideas to secure the daughter or son of the year award. 

1 | Arabica Facial Scrub from the Tonic Room | $25

Coffee, olive and avocado oil, manuka honey. No, you’re not going down the aisle at Farro. The Arabica facial scrub from the Tonic Room will slough off your dad’s dry skin as well as several years, leaving him looking like your best mate rather than dad.

2 | Best Dad Card from Crisp Home | $9

Tell your dad straight up that he’s the Best with this classic gold typography card by Katie Leamon. Hand printed, this trendy combination of typography and illustration guarantees a smile on your dad’s face.

3 | 2016 Rockburn Pinot Noir Magnum | $90

Share a bottle of Pinot with your dad this Father’s Day. The magnum size guarantees you finding out all the family secrets and your dad’s not so boring youth stories. A big bottle of perfect Pinot to show your love and respect to your dad and to bond over.

4 | 2016 Tony Bish Golden Egg Chardonnay Magnum from Caro’s | $100

Looking for an egg-travagant gift for your dad? This egg-cellent Chardy has been made with an egg-shaped concrete vat. Something a bit different and unique but pretty charming – just like your dad!

5 | Salted Caramel and Buckwheat Chocolate Bra by Honest Chocolate | $13.50

Satisfy your dad’s sweet tooth with this award-winning, hand-made chocolate. It soothes the soul and guarantees to beat any choc cravings.

6 | Tivoli Model One with Bluetooth Tech from Paperplane | $449

Whether your dad listens to Frank Sinatra, the Rolling Stones or Madonna, help him to live-up the good old times with the Tivoli Audio’s Model One BT. Bluetooth, the famous analog tuner and lots of retro charm will keep your dad dancing around the house for hours forgetting all about the worries and stress you’ve created over all those years.

Last but not least, cheers to all those amazing dads out there!