7 ways to capitalise on grape days

Grape Days

Pretty much every major varietal or wine style has a dedicated day by now. Those grape days or wine holidays are a great way to get your wine(s) in front of new customers by utilising the hashtag and create some themed offers in the lead-up.

Make sure download our Sip Wine Marketing Calendar 2021 which includes grape days, handy holidays and other promo worthy ideas.

Here are 7 easy ways to capitalise on grape days:

1. Use the relevant hashtag in your posts to increase their reach.
2. Share a themed wine offer with your subscribers and followers.
3. Send your wine to media and influencers alongside a great pitch.
4. Team-up with a brand for a giveaway (no wine as prizes!).
5. Run themed tastings in your Cellar Door or live on social media.
6. Create a grape day inspired menu, playlist, style guide, infographic, show reel, riddle, quiz, video, gif, meme, flatlay, infinity pour…
7. Have fun!

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