8 ways to grow your newsletter list

Newsletter DatabasePhoto by Cottonbro | Pexels

When it comes to conversions, email subscribers are much more likely to click through your links than your social media followers.

That’s why it’s important to continue building your email database, even if you don’t have a solid EDM program in place yet.

Here are 8 easy ways to grow you email list today:

1. Ask your followers to subscribe
Your social tribe might simply not know that you have a newsletter list. Combine it with a giveaway or one off promo code in your welcome email to further incentivise them.

2. Add a subscription box to your website EVERYWHERE
Top, bottom, pop-up, end of a blog post … make it super easy and obvious for visitors to join.

3. Offline
Cellar Door and events including virtual sessions can be great list boosters. Again, use an incentive to offer value upfront.

4. Signature
Add a link to join your email list to your wineries signature.

5. Be social
Post sample content of your newsletters on social and promote it further via ads, linking to your sign-up page.

6. Promos
Add newsletter opt-ins to pages on your website that are connected to in-store promos, e.g. necktags.

7. POS
Add a QR code to your POS that links to an opt-in.

8. Collab
Do a collab and invite each others followers to join the lists.

Sooo, have you subscribed to the Sip Marketing Memo yet?