Give giveaways a go!

Wine InfluencersPhoto by Ceyda Ciftci | Unsplash

Giveaways are a great way to extend your reach and grow your channels.

Here are 7 steps to ensure your giveaway is a success:

1. Goal
As always, start with a goal. Do you want to increase your following, engage existing followers or simply create some new brand alignments.

2. Prize
Wine is legally NOT an option in New Zealand so source a product or service or even better team-up with a brand that aligns with your values and image.

3. Imagery
Don’t just post the image of the prize. Create artwork that quickly communicates the giveaway and stops people from scrolling.

4. Caption
Don’t waffle, like I do now. Keep it short and highlight words like WIN, ENTER. Cover the prize, means of entry, period, notification and some Ts & Cs.

5. Entry
Tag to win is popular and nicely increases the reach but it might also attract the wrong kind of crowd. Comment or share to win usually results in fewer but higher quality entries that are actually interested in your brand and stick around afterwards.

6. Boost
A higher value item doesn’t necessarily result in more entries. I had giveaways going nuts over a $5 packet of gummi bears. Set aside some budget to boost it, especially if you’re trying to reach a new audience.

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