How to use hashtags successfully on Instagram

Instagram HashtagsPhoto by Pixabay

Do you currently use hashtags to increase the reach of your posts?

Hashtags are a great way to get your content in front of people and turn them into new followers. The right tags can extend the reach of your posts, meaning more people can discover and engage with your content and turn into followers.

Here are 5 tips on getting the most out of hashtags on Instagram:

1. Broad vs niche
Posts tagged #wine reach a lot more people but a wine lover searching for #nzpinotnoir is far more likely to notice your post and turn into a follower.

2. The search
You can find relevant hashtags by using services such as hashtagify but if you pay attention to the tags used in posts in your feed and by your competitors you’ll quickly find relevant tags. Follow those post and story tags to ensure they’re appropriate and to gain some post inspiration.

3. Less is more
You can use up to 30 tags but 5-6 relevant tags work well in my experience. It looks less spammy! And don’t forget to tag stories. You can use up to 10.

4. Own it
Consider creating a personalised tag such as “sipnzwine” to allow followers to share branded posts with you and their followers. Promote it via your bio.

5. Insights
Check your post insights to check the performance of your tags. You’re able to see how many impressions it received via your hashtags.