7 tips on how to work with wine influencers

Wine InfluencerPhoto by owandus.co.nz

Influencers are the new bloggers in the wine world. But with anything “new”, some get it, others remain sceptical!

The fact is that some wineries are achieving great ROIs by working with influencers and if that’s something you’re considering as well, here are 7 steps to get started:

1. Goal
What are you trying to achieve? Increase your following, positive brand associations, user generated content, direct sales. Set a measurable goal!

2. Fit
Follow potential influencers for a while to ensure they’re a good fit – the importance is follow. So many brands reach out to influencers without even following them. Pretty squares say one thing, but live stories may say another. Make sure they’d represent your brand in the right way!

3. Check their age!

4. Be personal
Reach out to them with a personal message and pitch a story to them. Why should they help promote your wine? Why is it a good fit for them and their audience?

5. Negotiate
Each influencer has their own rates based on their experience, audience size and time involved creating bespoke content. Start by offering wine as contra but always shoot for a win/win deal.

6. Set expectations
Spell out what you expect from them, ideally in a written agreement. Timelines, tags, feed/story mentions, analytics. Be specific!

7. Share
So many brands send wines to influencers and miss their mentions and don’t share the user generated content. That’s what you’re paying for, so make sure you share it with your followers as well. It also introduces them to your followers, so again, it’s a win/win deal!

Get in touch if you wish to find out more how influencers can help to spread the word about your wines!