4 Ways to Celebrate International Pinot Noir Day | 18 August

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When thinking about Pinot Noir, most likely a glass of velvety, ruby-red and fruity goodness springs to mind.

But this fickle, diva-like varietal is extremely versatile. Not only when it comes to regional expressions but Pinot is also able to completely change its look (and taste) creating 4 perfect ways to celebrate International Pinot Noir Day this Saturday, 18 August 2018.

International Pinot Noir Day

1 | Bubbles

The classic, effervescent blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier allows you to kick-off your Pinot party in style.

Pop the cork and simply enjoy the bubbles on their own or serve them alongside Bluff oysters or truffled popcorn.

Sip: Seifried Aotea Méthode Traditionelle NV | $39 (50% Chardonnay & 50% Pinot Noir)


2 | White

No, we’re not talking Pinot Gris. Pinot Noir Blanc or Blanc de Noirs are white Pinot Noir wines. The grape juice just wasn’t allowed to spend much time cuddling with the skins creating a white, rich wine packed full of zesty and honied flavours.

Try this emerging blanc style alongside soft cheese or seared scallops.

Sip: Wooing Tree Blondie 2018 | $28


3 | Pink

A lot of Rosé wines in New Zealand are made with Pinot Noir, especially wines from the Wairarapa, Marlborough or Central Otago. The colour spectrum ranges from blush to berry depending on the skin contact. Strawberry (and cream), raspberry and watermelon are hallmark flavours of these pink drinks.

Fruity, crisp and mostly dry, these pink Pinots pair well with a crisp goat cheese salad or melon & prosciutto.

Sip: Q Rosé 2018 from the Waitaki Valley | $35


4 | Red

Last but not least, the queen of Pinot Noir. Elegant, seductive, red perfection in a glass.

It’s hard to top the classic lamb and Pinot food and wine match, maybe duck and Pinot Noir. We suggest to indulge this Pinot Noir Day with your favourite dark chocolate.

Sip: Framingham Nobody’s Hero Pinot Noir 2017 | $25


Celebrate #internationalpinotnoirday or #pinotnoirday with these great New Zealand wines and make sure to mark the following grape days in your calendar.

You can also download the 2018/2019 Grape Day Calendar as a pdf here.

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