Meet Josh Scott, the next Generation at Allan Scott Family Winemakers

Josh Scott Allan Scott

Allan and Catherine Scott planted their first vineyards in Marlborough in 1975 and now it is the next generation, their three children, taking the reins of this iconic family business with son Josh leading winemaking and viticulture.

Josh has practically wine running through his veins, having grown up with vineyards just across the road from the family winery and being around the wine business all his life – apart from a stint at creating one of the most successful New Zealand craft beers of course.

With a Diploma in Viticulture and Wine Production in his pocket, Josh headed to France and California’s Napa Valley where he discovered that beer could be made by using some of his winemaking techniques. MOA Beer was born once he returned home and the rest is history!

Luckily he kept his toes in the family business and is now one of the key drivers behind the continuous success of the iconic family wine business.

Let’s find out a bit more about the “innovation guru” of the Scott family before we have a closer look at the Allan Scott Generation Series …

What do you do?
Grow grapes, make wine, sell wine, have fun, then repeat each year.

What does a normal day in your work week look like?
Nothing is normal, being a family business, we are involved with everything. I could be crushing grapes one day, then selling wine in Chicago the next. It’s very varied and enjoyable.

Growing up in an iconic winemaking business means …
I’m very lucky Mum and Dad have built a great business. It’s given me a base to try other things like founding MOA beer.

Describe vintage 2018 in 3 words so far
Hot, sweaty, moist.

If you were a wine, what wine would you be?
Sauvignon Blanc, it’s my favourite variety. It’s in and out of the winery, consistent, great quality for price point, fresh and exciting and most people like it.

Josh Scott Allan Scott

Share a fact about yourself that only a few know
I love to dance, I’m terrible, but love to pump the tunes and bust the moves. It’s great having kids now as they are into it and they think I’m awesome …. for now.

Hidden gems and favourite spots in Marlborough
Wakamarina track, one of the best downhill enduro mountain bike tracks in the world, beautiful country and lots of friendly black Robbins.

Things you still want to do
Too many to list, the main thing is to do as many adventures with my kids as possible.

Dead or alive, who would you like to share a glass of vino or a beer with?
My mum!


Allan Scott Generation Series

As Allan and wife Catherine are making their way for the children to leave their mark on the winemaking legacy, the family launched the Generations Series – a tribute to family tradition and a commitment to quality.

Formerly knowns as the Prestige range, the Generation Series consists of single-vineyard and limited quantity wines, created from the best grapes grown on the family estate.

The series currently includes Allan Scott Generations Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Dry Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir plus two ultra-premium Allan Scott Generations “The Eli Collection” wines (Pinot Noir and Chardonnay) which are named after their ancestor Eli Scott, who was the first of the Scott’s to reach New Zealand in the 1860s-gold rush.

Allan Scott Generation Series

So, what did we think of the wines?

Sauvignon Blanc
An iconic grape for an iconic family. This Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc instantly brings refreshment, dreams of long summer nights and a vibrancy that can be seen with flavours of tropical fruit and herbs laced with a rich minerality.

This is the quintessential variety that signals the shift from light, easy drinking whites at the height of summer to a more serious version that pairs well with lovely family meals and evenings of conversation.

Creamy and lush, it offers notes of vanilla creme brûlée, candied oranges and toasty oak.

Allan Scott Generation Series

The many different faces of this variety always keep you on your toes, not knowing what to expect and delighting in its different expressions. A bit sweeter than it’s sister Dry Riesling, it offers a side that is more beguiling, more curvaceous and has that sloe eyed look that makes you think of sultry jewelled fabrics and lush sensory experiences.

Round with oranges but balanced with vibrant fruit throughout to not make it heavy, it lingers through the finish.

Dry Riesling
A beautiful dry Riesling is something not to be missed and is often overlooked when picking out a wine. But this example makes you remember why you love this variety.

A magical bouquet fills your nose with floral scents laced with bright citrus of lemon, lime and grapefruit. A luscious full mouth of round fruit flavours round out with a long finish that makes you reach for your glass again and again.

Allan Scott Generation Series

Difficult to say and sometimes misunderstood, this variety demands to have your attention. Turkish delight and perfume entice you to try this impeccable example. Rich and aromatic, it’s spiciness and exotic flavours entice your tastebuds for an adventure of a white wine experience.

Pinot Noir
Expressing the noir notes as per the varieties name, there are black cherries, blackberries and some tasty pepper and blackened oak notes in this wine. Full fruit fills your mouth with some pepper and tannins giving it a depth of complexity and liveliness that can be seen through the smooth finish.

Find out more about Josh and the Allan Scott Family on their website and make sure you follow them on Facebook | Instagram & Twitter.