Lothlorien Wines, a Must-Try at the Oyster Festival Matakana

Lothlorien Winery

Kim DeMeulemeester, Media Manger at Lothlorien Winery, shares 3 reasons why you have to try their fruit wines at the Oyster Festival Matakana this Sunday.

1/ Organic, Vegan & Sustainable

Lothlorien Winery is the only vegan, certified organic, sustainably run feijoa winery in New Zealand (or the world as far as we know!).

Our passion for sustainability has guided us on our path of crafting certified organic wine, liqueur, and fruit juice. This process began with growing, almost 50 years ago, in 1971. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Detroit far behind, Dale DeMeulemeester, and a group of friends purchased the Lothlorien property in the heart of Ahuroa (45 minutes North of Auckland). They planted feijoa trees, Poormans orange trees, other fruits and timber trees amongst the rolling farmland and native forest.

Lothlorien Winery

Fast forward roughly 20 years when Dale’s eldest son Eli DeMeulemeester established the winery with Dale and winemaker Logan Petley.

Today, at Lothlorien Winery, we produce award winning wine, liqueur and fruit juices. Our Orchards are fully Organic Certified and tended with loving care. Juicing and winemaking are done onsite in our own Winery building. 

2/ The perfect match

Our whole range goes with the creamy Mahurangi Oysters. My favourite is the Medium Feijoa Sparkling wine is smooth, fruity and compliments the delicious Mahurangi Oysters perfectly.

Matakana Oyster Festival

The stunning natural acidity and citrus notes in our wine range compliment the creamy, briny deliciousness of Mahurangi Oysters perfectly. Truly a regional match made in heaven!

My other personal favourites include a glass of our Medium Sparkling Feijoa Wine, oat crackers stacked with fruit cheese, soft cheese and topped with fiery mesclun lettuce. Saving the best for last I occasionally indulge in a slice of chocolate mud cake with a glass of our Reserve Sparkling, or our Feijoa and Honey Liqueur drizzled over the top of a bowl of vanilla ice-cream and berries. A must try! Lothlorien Dry Sparkling Apple & Feijoa with Oysters au-naturale.

3/ A one of a kind event
The winery has taken part since the first festival in 2017. I love the diversity of food and wine paired with oysters. Learning of different things to do with oysters and meeting like minded food lovers. The live music make it a very ambient and festive place, dancing to the tunes with friends and family makes for good times.

Lothlorien Winery will be offering the whole range:
Medium Feijoa Sparkling wine – smooth, sweeter palate.
Dry Feijoa Sparkling wine – crisp refreshing palate.
Reserve Feijoa Sparkling wine – this one is for those Feijoa Lovers!
Still Feijoa wine – a subtle wine with savoury notes.
Feijoa and Honey Liqueur – after dinner sticky – also amazing with ice-cream and berries!

Thanks Kim, see you there!

Don’t miss the Oyster Festival Matakana this Sunday, 6th October 2019.
For more info visit www.oysterfestmatakana.co.nz