Sip: Matawhero Limited Edition Irwin Chardonnay 2016

Matawhero Irwin ChardonnayMatawhero Irwin Chardonnay

The heritage of wine is always a special one. Years of hard work, the passion handed down from family member to family member and the legacy that is created.

We are excited to share a new wine with you today that is entering the ranks for family icon wines from a unique wine region and a rich family history.

Bill Irwin was pivotal in expanding the horizons of New Zealand’s wine industry. He had the vision and the work ethic to establish new varieties, including Mendoza Chardonnay, as well as introducing modern viticulture techniques in the 1960’s.

Matawhero Wines

The late Bill Irwin and son Denis – circa 1975

Bill also established Matawhero Wines in 1968 which has been revitalised by the Searle family who wants to enrich this remarkable winery’s traditions.

Kirsten Searle and Denis Irwin

Kirsten Searle and Denis Irwin

Matawhero Limited Edition Irwin Chardonnay is a tribute to Bill and his son Denis, who were able to fight the odds and create a world class wine growing region in Gisborne.

Sip: Matawhero Limited Edition Irwin Chardonnay 2016 from Gisborne

Matawhero Irwin Chardonnay 2016

Matawhero Irwin Chardonnay 2016

Immediately lush and enticing, this Chardonnay is one to woo you away from your prior Chardonnay preconceptions.

While immensely curvy with a palate of rich peach, melon and tropical fruit, it is laced with a touch of mature round oak essence and candied honey.

You are impressed with the weight, the mingling fruit and the lusciousness that is lasting. It reflects the terroir that gives it a strong backbone that will not lead to a flabby experience but one that allows you to race through the wines curves while appreciating its mineral finesse.

A historic wine for New Zealand and the Matawhero family. Limited Edition Irwin wine.


Read our Q&A with Kirsten Searle, owner and General Manager of Matawhero Wines.

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