Q&A with Summerhouse Viticulturist Matt Fox

Matt Fox Summerhouse Wines

The worst of the winter with its wet and windy days is hopefully behind us, so it’s time to look to at some summery sips and exciting new 2020 releases.

Summerhouse wines “bring a touch of summer to every day” and their approachable range, modern packaging and Insta feed certainly has summer, sun and fun written all over it.

Let’s find out more about these wines from someone who helps capture all that lovely Marlborough sunshine in a bottle. Introducing Matt Fox, Summerhouse viticulturist in this latest Q&A.

What do you do?
I’m the Summerhouse viticulturist, responsible for making sure we grow the right fruit to make into delicious wine.

What does a typical working day look like for you?
No two days are the same, but they almost always start at the winery. Usually catching up on email first thing before heading out to the vineyards.

Matt Fox Summerhouse Wines

When and why did you fall in love with wine?
When I was about 21 I had a 1996 Condrieu (Viognier) that a family friend brought round. Trying that blew my mind, I had never known wine could be like that up to that point. After trying that I knew that I wanted to be involved in winemaking.

If you were a wine, what wine would you be?
Chardonnay, every day.

3 favourite things to do in Marlborough
1. Spearfishing in the Marlborough Sounds. There’s nothing better than heading out to sounds and then enjoying a glass of Summerhouse wine with some freshly caught seafood. One of my favourites is a homemade Paua fritter, topped with garlic aioli and served with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc

2. Hiking. I love to head up Mt Fishtail or enjoy any of the amazing tracks in the Queen Charlotte Sound.

3. Getting outdoors. We have so many amazing things to do here in Marlborough. Within in an hour you can go from the beach to the mountains. It’s the perfect outdoor playground.

Matt Fox Summerhouse Wines

Things you still want to do – what’s on your bucket list?
1. Watch the Dakar rally in South America

2. See the Northern Lights

3. Learn another language. ​I would love to learn French to know more about their wines, or Spanish as I’d love to travel through South America.

4. Be a part of the team who make a 100-point wine.

Dead or alive, who would you like to share a glass of vino with?
Nikola Tesla, he was a very interesting guy that had a unique way of inventing things and looking at the world.

Cheers Matt!

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