Millennial Unicorns

Millennial Unicorns

After a magical first NZ Bubbles Day in October we’ll now dive into The Year of the Unicorn.

Like Unicorns, sparkling wine is magical, they create experiences and transport you to a different mindset. They instantly represent a festive spirit and celebration.

Bubbles have so many personalities and expressions, made from many different grape varieties and in many different winemaking methods. We would like to introduce you to some of the interesting and intriguing sparkling wines that New Zealand wineries produce. So here to start us off are the Millennial Unicorns.

Like millennials in general, they don’t want to be stereotyped, they are not hampered by things and pretentions and just want to enjoy life. Life with the purpose of happiness. Fresh and approachable, seizing life with gusto and not tied down to variety and vintage these bubbles are the perfect starter to any event or tasting. Not presumptuous with winemaking styles or flavour profiles, they are made to drink now, enjoyed in the moment and shared with for giggles, happiness and sunshine.

Millennial Unicorns

Hãhã Brut Cuvée NV
Chardonnay & Pinot Noir
Hawkes Bay | $20

Coming from the Maori word that means savoury & luscious, that is the embodiment of this bubbly affair. The lightest pale yellow in colour, it is like sunshine stream coming through. Zippy and upbeat in character, this one is the one that is on the go for a big party.

Think big prancing trot formations by buoyant unicorns.

Giesen Classic Cuvée 2015
Marlborough | $27

This bubbly is like the one you envy, always fashionable and iconic with tons of style yet fun and approachable. Full of tropical fruit, it is clean and fresh with just the right weight and finish.

If it were a unicorn, it would have the perfect golden fur, sassy mane and gleeful personality.

Matahiwi Blanc de Blanc Cuvée NV
Hawkes Bay | $22

Fresh and fruity, exuding a joie de vivre, it has a lovely biscuit on the nose with rich full apple and melon flavours filling the mouth. Brioche and afternoon tea beckon with this sparkling wine enticing you to indulge in a little late afternoon tipple. Time to lay down that beautiful mane and have a rest, sipping your bubbles.

Miru Miru NV (bubbles in Maori) by Hunters 
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay & Pinot Meunier
Marlborough | $29

A complex and nutty nose greet you, inviting you to indulge in the effervescent bubbles. Round flavours with lots of fruit, toast and slight nut essence create an intriguing combination from the three varieties, highlighting the creamy Chardonnay, the floral and strawberry notes from the Pinot Noir and the spice and brightness from the Pinot Meunier.

Mystical combinations can be had when blending several bubbly grapes together!

Twin Islands Brut NV by Nautilus 
Chardonnay & Pinot Noir
Marlborough | $25

This Brut is cheerful and buoyant with bright clean expression. Freshly made with vibrant tangy apple, lemon, peach and mineral aspects that come from the Marlborough vineyards.

Long flavours linger like whispers of mystical lands brought forth telling stories of green pristine lands and oceans.

Sip NZ Bubbles & stay magical!