Top Sips from the New World Wine Awards 2016

New World Wine Awards 2016New World Wine Awards 2016

The New World Wine Award winners have been announced and we’ve put together some Top Sips for you to try.

The results are in and now is the time to go to New World and taste some of the best wines available for under $25. Sounds like a deal and with these delectable wines, they certainly are.

We’d love to share 3 Top Sips with you today, highlighting the champions of three categories. We hope that you try them even if you are not a fan of the particular variety as you will certainly enjoy all of them.

It should not be under-emphasised that we are well and truly lucky to have such a broad and rich selection of premium wines available at accessible prices. Your “go-to” wines are actually sought after wines in the rest of the world so we should be grateful and a bit proud that New Zealand has so much to offer!


Kicking-off the celebration would just be remiss without some proper bubbles to portray the occasion.

Brancott Estate Brut Cuveé NV

Brancott Estate Brut Cuveé NV

While some bubbles are cheerful, others a sweet escape and many excited, these bubbles are sophisticated. Light and heady, the elegance greets you as a consummate host with persistent effervescence. Toasty nuances and round citrus fruit quietly mingle with a dry acidity and lovely, tapered finish.

Something just a step up from everyday but not too extravagant that you feel guilty wanting to crack into a few bottles over a long weekend.



Next up in a very competitive and broad category is an industry champion whose wines always come up at the top. The Hawke’s Bay is one of the best places to grow and produce Chardonnay and we really think there is a come-back for this exciting variety.

More succulent and intense, yet food friendly and nuanced than Sauvignon Blanc, you really should give Chardonnay another chance if you have not had one in a while.

Clearview Estate Beachhead Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay 2015

Clearview Estate Beachhead Chardonnay 2015

Opulent and heady, this Chardonnay instantly is a head turner. A bit Marilyn Monroe-esque with its ripe flavours and curves, delectable tropical fruit and a sashay of a finish.

Not overly indulgent but just enough to make you appreciate the finer points of chardonnay, a rich, elegant wine, and a drinking experience that you may want to keep all to yourself.



While Australia might get all the accolades and fame for their Shiraz, the New Zealand Syrah’s are not anything to take lightly. They tend to be the thinking man’s Syrah with plenty of body and tannin to go with the more nuanced palate of berry, tobacco, caramel, mocha, and graphite… it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

And again the Hawke’s Bay is the place where it’s at. The number of amazing Syrah’s that are being produced increase year after year. So it is fitting that one of New Zealand’s oldest wineries should get the prize this year as they have obviously put a few years into getting it just right.

Mission Estate Reserve Gimblett Gravels Hawke’s Bay Syrah 2015

Mission Estate Reserve Gimblett Gravels Syrah 2015

Seductive without being ostentatious, complex and intriguing with a great depth of knowledge, hints of cocoa, full dark fruit with a dark graphite undertone that speaks to later nights and more intense conversations.

An elegant companion that can also get to the heart of the matter with texture, finesse and all the finer components that make up a masterpiece.

You can view the full results of the New World Wine Awards here and watch the judging highlights below:


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