3 Top 50 New World Wine Award winners you have to try this Spring

New World Wine Awards 2019

1,274 wines from 176 producers have been entered into the popular New World Wine Awards this year and we’d love to share 3 must-sips from the Top 50 with you today.

But before we get to the wines, let’s have a quick look at how the 17 independent judges have chosen this exciting line-up.

Each of the 1274 wines has been judged blind which means that only the varietal, vintage and country of origin were known to them. They then carefully evaluated those drops with the internationally recognised 100 points scoring system, benchmarking entries against what a perfect wine should be like, rather than against each other.

That way a Gold medal wine has been tasted at least 19 times by up to 11 judges before being awarded this merit. Champion wines are tasted at least 36 times!

Check out those Top 50 wines here which won’t cost you more than $25!

3 Must-Sip Top 50 New World Wine Award Winners

We’ve picked 3 must-sips out of this impressive line-up for you to swirl, sniff and sip this Spring (ideally frolicking on a meadow with daisies of course ;)

1/ The Celebrity Crush: Invivo X SJP Sauvignon Blanc 2019

I have to admit, the majority of my teenage sex education was taken care of by the ladies of Sex and the City. So when the guys at Invivo teamed-up with Sarah Jessica Parker or simply SJP, to co-create one of New Zealand’s flagship wines, I probably got a little bit “carried” away.

Seeing a Kiwi wine featured in Forbes, on ABC and the rest of the glamour mags out there hopefully makes not just me proud to be part of the New Zealand wine industry. So kudos and thanks to Invivo for pulling-off this collab in style!

But most of all, this wine stands-up to its hype. A sexy, lean and tropical sip that oozes style.

2/ The Newcomer: Akin by Te Kano Central Otago Pinot Noir 2017

Te Kano is one of those relatively young Central Otago producers that is worth watching. Committed to not only to producing stunning wines, the team is incredibly committed to rejuvenating the land and creating a sustainable future.

You can find out more about Te Kano and their efforts here in one of our Q&A’s with Winemaker and General Manager Dave Sutton.

This Pinot is packed with juicy cherry, sun-dried thyme and fragrant mocha aromas and flavours – hallmark expressions of Central Otago Pinot, and at under $25 a bottle this drop is outstanding value too.

A must-sip this summer and super safe choice for any BYO dinner or BBQ.

3 / The Underdog: Coopers Creek Select Vineyards ‘Bell-Ringer’ Albariño 2019

Albariño is one of those under the radar varietals in New Zealand and hopefully the next big sip since Sav. Zingy and zesty while offering a bit more ooompf and body, this Spanish ‘Bell-Ringer’ is ready to take on New Zealand’s key varietal this summer.

This prime example has sunshine written all over it – a reflection of the grapes grown in sunny Gizzy. It pairs perfectly with freshly caught fish or seafood and is a definite must-sip this summer.


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