Pink Unicorns

Pink Unicorns

Now Pink Unicorns are a rare breed, often hard to find but yet so alluring that you must indulge when you encounter them. Always smelling of fragrant flowers with spice and fruit, they are vibrant, refreshing and magnificent examples of the magic that can be found in a bottle of bubbly.

All of these beautiful New Zealand Rosé sparkling wines hail from the fields of Marlborough. For this sumptuous season of sun and summer and because serving pink is perfectly perfect, you will find anything from the palest of ballet blush, to peachy keen, to a vibrant strawberry shortcake, each one is unique and offers a fresh pink perspective that pairs with food, friends and celebrations everywhere.

Baby Doll Sparkling Blush Pinot Gris NV by Yealands
Marlborough | $17

This bubbly is a young fairy with a beautiful blush like a unicorns rosy checks. A crowd pleasing Pinot Gris, it has the palest peach colour that combines sprightly flavours of peach and pear in the mouth doing a vibrant little dance.

Named after magically unique baby doll sheep, this would be the perfect companion to settle in with for the afternoon.

Pā Road Sparkling Rosé 2017
Marlborough | $20

Nothing says summer like a carnival, so get out your best unicorn gear and treat yourself to a celebration. Pungent with sweet strawberry shortcake sprinkled with rose petals, this is a bubbly that takes you back to childhood favourites.

A limited edition, it’s candy floss delights and dancing delights will make you appreciate and nostalgic for rides and laughter of days gone by.

Snapper Rock Méthode Traditionelle Pinot Noir Rosé 2016
Marlborough | $25

This peachy delight offers colours of sunsets and oranges. A field of flowers on the nose with strawberry, cranberry and peach blossoms you want to frolic and are surprised at the substance and depth that the bubbles and flavours offer, but that are so delicate in nature overall.

A bubbly to make you find the romance in things.

Nautilus Vintage Rosé 2014
Marlborough | $50

An elegant dame of unicorns, so well put together, wearing pearls and prancing just so. Its elegant creaminess is instantly appetising with fresh white peaches, likeable strawberries and dusts of rose petal blush. A full 100% Pinot Noir, it is a royal Rosé of pure pink heritage, giving it depth, wiseness and balance with lovely yeast from its extended cellaring and maturation.

A very fine conversationalist, its perfect for all your race day and picnic parties.

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Stay Magical!