Postcard from Renée: Palate Polishing

Hi NZ Wine Sippers,

At this time of year you might find winemakers huddling inside away from the frosted vines clutching their hot mugs of plunger coffee.

Inside the lab the winemaker runs a number of bench trials that need to be tasted in order to determine the fining treatment a wine may or may not need. Fining is a not-so-secret tool used at the discretion of the winemaker for the purpose of removing solids from the wine either for clarification purposes or for fine-tuning the palate.

This ‘palate polishing’ can be incredibly subtle but can make all the difference! Due to the nature of wine being subject to seasonal variances there is no prescriptive fining treatment one can do year in and year out and hence fining trials must be done. Fining trials can even be done in the comfort of your own kitchen with the promise of a glass of riesling and perhaps some cheese to reward you for your efforts!

renee 2

This was exactly where I tasted two fining trials for my { moi } Rosé and determined after a lengthy conversation that at this point of the production process no fining treatment tasted best!

Sometimes that happens, after all that effort, nothing needs to be done. Nevertheless, I can take comfort knowing I made an educated decision. Best get that label design sorted for my the bottling date sneaking up!


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