Sip: Q Pinot Noir ’13 from the Waitaki Valley

Enigmatic with a simple Q moniker, these wines are named to emulate elegance and character.

We recently introduced Q Wines to you and today I’d like to share one of the highlights of their current range, the Q Pinot Noir 2013 from the Waitaki Valley.

Sipping this wine you delve into one of the newest and unknown regions of New Zealand, North Otago. This region is looking to create some outstanding Pinot’s with a distinctive personality and they are doing a good job at this winery.

Small and really using the word ‘handcrafted’, this winery doesn’t make a lot of wine at all. I’m really impressed by this winery’s dedication to their vineyards, terroir and wines. If the grapes or wine quality are not up to snuff, they won’t release the wines.

Sip: Q Pinot Noir ’13

This Pinot is reminiscent of moorish hilltops with a distinctive cragginess and minerality with a stoic reserve that masks a deep character of rich juicy personality.

Raspberry, cocoa and silky tannins bloom one you have made its acquaintance and warmly welcomes you back.

You can find Q wines at these fine restaurants or buy them direct via their website.


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