5 reasons why you should sip NZ Sav this #SauvBlanc Day

Sauvignon Blanc Day

#SauvBlanc Day is this Friday and although the world has been turned upside down and there are certainly a lot more important things to worry about right now, we still encourage you to open a bottle of Kiwi Sav on that day to support the hardworking makers around the country.

And if that’s not enough, here are 5 other reasons why New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is worth sipping right now.

1. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has really defined itself internationally

SJP by Invivo Wines

Kiwi Sav has carved out its own definable category with a truly unique style and flavours that reflect New Zealand’s amazing climate for this grape.

The exuberant varietal not only stands-up to other regions’ Savs, it frequently tops international shows, putting this small nation onto the world wine map.

2. It’s not just Marlborough anymore

Regional Sav Plantings in NZ / nzwine.com

Marlborough has put New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc on the map but there is so much more to offer.

From sub-regionality like Awatere and Wairau to the other diverse wine growing regions across New Zealand, like Hawke’s Bay, Central Otago, Gisborne and more… Sauvignon Blanc has beautiful and diversified personalities based on terroir and winemaking styles.

3. It’s time to experiment!

There is no perfect recipe for Sauvignon Blanc and winemakers are really getting into how to fully express the grape’s strong personality within a new winemaking regime.

From spending time in oak to aging beyond the norm, winemakers are pushing the limits from the expected, delighting the palates of eager wine enthusiasts looking for something just a bit different.

4. It’s the perfect wine to go low alcohol

NZ Lighter Wines Selection

Fresh, vibrant and full of zing, even if you have the low alcohol version, you don’t feel let down. Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect lifestyle wine – one that can be enjoyed but is not too overindulgent.

Naturally, as a dryer style wine, it has less residual sugar which means it has less carbs. A big bonus for the health conscious crowd!

5. It’s no longer just for summer

Historically this wine is slated primarily for the warm summer months, and has a fan base dedicated to only drink Sauvignon Blanc. However, this is shifting as there are more boutique options available, the flavour profiles offer more elegant and subdued offerings and people are learning to pair wines with food throughout the year – think potato leek soup in winter.

Sauvignon Blanc Day

Join in and sip some New Zealand Sav with us this Friday!