Sip: Sherwood Estate Stratum Pinot Noir ’15

My sense of adventure is keen and I’m always on the lookout for new bottles of wine to try. Not only does it get me out of my ‘favourites’ rut but it allows me to really start to get a good feel for the diversity and terroir characteristics that New Zealand has to offer.

After a quick stop at my local Glengarry’s I came home with a bottle with an interesting wine label. A little research shows that this winery exports most of their products and that there is a bit left for us to try.

Sherwood Estate Stratum Pinot Noir is grown in Waipara and you can tell by the nuances and aromas that it offers. While only an entry-level Pinot Noir, it does offer an easy drinking style and uniqueness of origin that make me interested to try their upper tiers.

Try a bottle for yourself and you can transport yourself to the vineyards of the Waipara Valley, which is only a 45-minute drive north of the city of Christchurch.

Sherwood Estate Stratum Pinot Noir 2015
Waipara Valley

The wine is lean with a craggyness that is attractive and yet subtle and dry with its approach. Leather and spice meet you with cranberries and cherries. Its style, while not brash nor opulent, lends itself to appreciating its layers of strawberries laced with caramel, violets and lightly dusted black pepper.

You can almost feel the cool summer nights and warm days that fed these lovely grapes through to harvest.

Find out more about this wine here and make sure you follow Sherwood Estate on Facebook & Twitter.


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