Sip: Stratum Wines from Sherwood Estate

Sherwood Estate Stratum

Sherwood Estate’s Stratum collection offers an artful and fun perspective to wine. With their beautifully whimsical, creatively inspired labels, you definitely look twice.

I love interesting labels and we had the pure pleasure to taste through the range of this successful family winery from the Waipara Valley in Canterbury, which is producing some stunning wines with a wide range of price levels and varieties.

Owners Jill and Dayne Sherwood still proudly manage all aspects of production. Watch the video to find out more about their story!

The Stratum Collection, with its fanciful images and black and white demeanour easily lead you on a trail of musings. You could ponder the many personalities that each wine exhibits, the evolution of the grape through its many manifestations, or simply enjoy the glass that is in your hand.

Stratum Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Stunningly spring-like with luscious fresh aromas that instantly brighten a rainy day. Charming and softly spoken it is rounder and curvier with more tropical fruit that you would first imagine. It shows off its Waipara heritage with its lovely structure and a little lemon sorbet bursting on your tongue with some flirty acidity at the end.

For those of you that say you ‘just don’t’ drink Sauvignon Blanc, this might be a bet for you. They say first impressions are lasting and this one makes me pine for summer afternoons and long sunny days. At least I have it in a glass…

Stratum Pinot Gris 2016
The Pinot Gris is instantly a comrade in the fight against that overly sweet sort. It has structure, it has fruit, it has personality and more, I can’t wait to dive a bit more into this interesting example.

Asian spices, and pear guide you through the with some minerality that makes it full and interesting yet just a bit more refined.

Stratum Chardonnay 2016
Chardonnay likes to create conversation, with its unique flavour profile that is distinctly not Sauvignon Blanc and more complex and voluptuous than Pinot Gris. The Stratum Chardonnay wants to have a conversation about fun Chardonnay, to not take it too seriously and really enjoy the best that this variety has to offer.

From vibrant citrus, to ripe peach and pineapple it is dusted with a hint of oak. Perfect to enjoy everyday.

Stratum Pinot Noir 2016
New Zealand is full of Pinot Noir but Waipara has its very own distinct flavours that make this region one to seek out for this very finicky grape. It can produce ripe flavours but it also has a backbone that speaks to the hard work and finesse that are needed to appreciate Pinot Noir.

A bit wild at heart this bright Pinot has strawberries, plums and berry flavours with supple tannins that again make it a very easy drinking wine with a lovely round body.

Try out Sherwood’s Stratum range and make sure you also explore their reserve and proprietary wines.

They also turn 30 this year (happy birthday!) so it’s definitely time to celebrate with them!