Going Natural! Silver Wing Wines from Waipara

Silver Wing WinesSilver Wing Wines

New Zealand’s climate often puts up challenges for winegrowers across the country but last night’s 7.5 magnitude earthquake that rippled through almost the entire country shows just how challenging Mother Nature can be.

Our thoughts are with the families, communities and businesses that are affected by the quake!

Today we’re introducing you to Silver Wings Wines, a boutique producer that makes a range of hand-crafted, natural wines in the Waipara region, only a few kilometers away from the earthquake’s epicentre.

We caught up with winemaker and owner Andrew Fox a while ago to find out more about his boutique operation.

Who started the winery and when?
Started by me in 2010.

Number of employees?

What is the story behind the brand name?
Inspired by trips up the east coast we were going to call it ‘something or rather

Then after a night out (during which we were confronted by seven
“Bays” on wine bottles in the bars we visited) my friend and I were having fish
and chips on a Kaikoura beach and a hungry gull started dive bombing our
chips, she snapped a great photo of it coming in.

This photo became our initial logo. We drew the label up the following week and changed the name to Silver Wing.

What’s your signature wine?
The Nada range of sulphite free Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Silver Wing Wines

What makes your winery special?
We make fruit forward vibrant wines without chemical additions. We often bottle straight from the barrel.

Silver Wing Wines

What makes Waipara special?
So many varieties grow beautifully here. Attributed to the climate, the hills which shelter Waipara from the southerly. The sunny days, cold nights. The clay and limestone.

Most memorable winemaking moment?
Filling my first new French barrel up with young wine and how good it smelt.

Silver Wing Wines

Winery dog/cat?
Billy the lab bringing a leg of lamb (rotted from the fields) to the BBQ.

Funniest customer tasting story?
Feeling a bit rough post harvest and went to the cellar door fridge, filled up a big wine glass of ice tea. Skulled it back in one go and turn about only to see a group of Japanese, looking very impressed! (The homemade Kampuchea tea my neighbour makes is a golden colour just like our Pinot Gris).

Not having the language I gave up on any attempt to explain myself and just poured away. The group seemed strangely stirred by this inside glimpse into New Zealand drinking culture. They bought heaps of Pinot Gris.

Top 3 things to do in your region?

  • Waipara Wine Tasting Trail, and The Waipara Wine and Food Festival, a top day out for those who can make it to Waipara in March.
  • Skin diving up the coast.
  • Ski Canterbury Ski Fields (except this year!).

Our vintage parties are …
We’re really small – we like to crash other winery parties.

Person you would most want to share a glass of wine with?
Selma Hayek, she’s a really good dancer.

Find out more about Silver Wing Wines here and make sure you follow them on Facebook.


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