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Meet Yvonne Lorkin – wine writer, TV host & producer, wine judge & retailer

Yvonne Lorkin

Wine writer and founding member of the Wine Writers of New Zealand group, host and producer of the successful wine tv show “Thirsty Work”, senior wine judge, wine columnist, wine retailer and co-founder of the innovative wine delivery service WineFriend … the list could go on and on. Read More

Joelle Thomson – wine writer, author & tutor

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing renowned wine writer and author, Joelle Thomson.

Wine writer, author and tutor at the NZ School of Food & Wine, Auckland (have written 14 books now and a 15th coming; working slowly on a 16th – I keep saying ‘never again’ to writing a book and losing my social life).

It’s a tough job but you know what they say.

Number of years in the wine industry:

First Job:
Arts journo at Capital Times in Wellington where I began a wine column in 1994…. well, actually, that was the first job I want to mention (I was a flambe waitress in the Shetland Islands and also worked as a copywriter in TV and as a journo in Dunedin, prior to all that.)

If you were a wine, what wine would you be?
Most people who know me might expect me to say a German Riesling, but I’d like to be a great Barolo.

What would you do if you weren’t a wine writer?
I would like to be able to be a musician; a singer, songwriter and guitar player. Failing that, then I’d love to garden – or grow vines – for a living.

Why did you decide to work in the wine industry?
It sort of happened when I realised it wasn’t going to work just dabbling in wine writing as a hobby; it was far far far too interesting and far too much to learn, so I slipped deeper into the fermentation tank of wine writing, reading, tasting and all that jazz…

Wine & dine, what’s your favourite match?
A great cheese with a great red; ultimate would be Parmagiano-Reggiano with Barolo… but then again, a gorgeous dry Rheingau Riesling with fresh salmon is incredibly hard to beat; so is pizza with Sangiovese.

Share a fact about you that only a few know:
That would be telling. The first serious partner I had wooed me with Pescovino.

Hidden gems and favourite spots in your region:
Humbug Cafe in New Lynn; reminds me of Wellington, which I miss every day that I live in Auckland.

Things you still want to do:
Own a hot tub, live in Italy for a stint, write more diversely, run half a marathon and maybe even make some sort of vino one day…. that’s a good start.

Last book read:
Still reading it: The Oxford Companion to Wine. Am mired in wine study (WSET Diploma; that’s code for a degree course, and yes, it feels like a degree – on top of working full time…. ouch!).

Advice on buying wine:
Find someone who understands your palate and spend time with them so that you can learn how to discover great wines for yourself; we all need at least one mentor in all of our hobbies. I have several. They never let me down. It can be humbling but it’s so rewarding tasting wine with people who know more or have tried more than you have; can only think of one or two other things that are as fascinating…

Dead or alive, who would you like to share a glass of vino with?
Oscar Wilde.

Joelle Thomson’s website: www.joellethomson.com
(Read my site; it’s growing, changing, adapting and it doesn’t espouse rules about wine; rules are made to be….)


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