The Imbibe Tribe NZ | Join Renee Dale & Friends 

The Imbibe Tribe NZ

Join the Imbibe Tribe NZ on their inaugural tribal gathering, guiding you through the FUNdamentals to food and beverage matching.

interactive | fun | delicious | discourse | food | inspirational … did we mention food?

The Imbibe Tribe NZ

The Imbibe Tribe NZ

Turns out alcohol activates brain cells that usually promote hunger… Go figure! (late night alcohol fuelled kebabs ring any bells?) So, is alcohol better with food?

Why not join the good vibes with the Imbibe Tribe – living, eating and ultimately drinking better? Renee Dale & Friends love what they do and want to share that with you!

“The moment when the wine transforms on your palate and completely opens up with the food you’re eating is fleeting; one that is never forgotten, forever chased and best shared. All of my most memorable wines were made unforgettable by the event, the food and more importantly the people I shared it with.” – Renee Dale / Moi Wine

The Imbibe Tribe NZ | Renee Dale & Friends

Food & Beverage Matching – 101 – “Soft Launch”
When: Tuesday February 27th, 6pm
Where: The Bluestone Room
Tickets: $69 per person – purchase your tickets here.

Tribe Members:
Organic Mechanic – Kombucha
Appletree Cider
Outlier Cartel – Beer
Moi Wines
Westbrook Winery
SOHO Wines

This is their “Soft Launch” which means this is going to be the only event at this special pre-launch price.

Don’t miss out, grab your tickets now!