What wine is your Dad? Gift ideas for this Father’s Day

Father’s Day in New Zealand is this Sunday and what better way to celebrate the man that made you than a bit of wine. Like the stuff inside the bottle, father’s are full of character, personality and a rare vintage.

See which one you think your father would be and maybe pop out to get him one for Sunday.

Bubbly (Leonardo Di Caprio)

Yes, it is not the most manly of drinks that you can imagine but oh there is nothing like a man that can do a tux, with a glass of bubbly in hand and charm you with his debonair, devil may care attitude and ironic sense of humour.


The White Wine Drinker

This man is not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side. A bit arty, he likes to read books and even occasionally indulges in a pedicure, some consider him metrosexual but he just likes the finer things and to explore all tastes, and doesn’t like to be pinned down to societal stereotypes.



This is a manly man who knows what he likes. A bit rough and tumble but with a soft heart, he exudes a strong silent and complex character. This is one that you want to curl up in front of the fire with and read you bed time stories.



Cabernet Sauvignon

A business executive, he is sophisticated with a touch of elegance and likes to pursue manly ambitions and sports. Competitive to the core he may also come across a bit strong and judgemental but if you stick it out can show you his softer side.



Pinot Noir

The scholar, this man likes detail and is only satisfied by the best. Always searching for the next best thing and researches all his purchases, he is a man in the know and is the go to for asking recommendations on the wine list.

Soo, what sort of wine are you getting for your dad???

Photos: Bubbly | White Wine | Syrah | Cabernet Sauvignon | Pinot Noir


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