Why you should sip NZ Sav & meet Ms #SauvBlanc Chloe

#SauvBlanc Day is finally here!

Let’s raise a glass or two of our favourite Sav to viticulture and winemaking crews out there who spent the last weeks harvesting and processing grapes so that we can enjoy the fruits of their labour in a few weeks time.

Sauvignon Blanc happens to be my favourite varietal and I’m not only saying it because it’s #SauvBlanc Day today. It’s the wine which turned me from a good German beer drinker into a wine lover, a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc lover, and that is quite something I reckon.

If you’re just starting on your wine journey and would like to find our more about New Zealand’s signature variety I suggest you follow these links: NZ Winegrowers | Wine Folly

OR read on and meet Ms Sauvignon Blanc, Chloe …

Cloe’s family comes originally from France, the Loire Valley, but Chloe was born in Napier in 1973 and grew up in Blenheim.

Chloe is slim and trim, with blond hair, pale skin and she has a distinct style, or shall we say she is  ‘tres chic’. Elegant and very sophisticated for her age.

Her great looks are complemented with an exuberant personality. She’s clearly an extrovert. Her dry, almost zingy humour can be a bit direct but is nicely balanced with her warm and friendly nature.

Chloe grew up near the Sounds and simply loves seafood, oysters in particular but cheese, especially goats cheese, is one of her secret weaknesses.

Today is Chloe’s birthday and she’s turning 32. She is celebrating it “Chloe style” with a big party and a few bottles of her favourite wine, you guessed it … Marlborough #SauvBlanc !

Cheers everyone,

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