5 Wine Trends to look out for in 2019

Caro and Emily Sip NZCaro and Emily

FMCG Business Magazine asked us and other related industry experts to share the top wine trends for 2019.

Our predictions are now being featured in a special edition of the publication, the “FMCG Business Leaders Forum“.

Here are our 2019 wine trends and predictions…

Conscious Consumers

Natural Wines

Consumers are increasingly interested in where their products are coming from and how they’re made. Wine is no different and with growing consumer interest organic, biodynamic and vegan friendly wines are “naturally” popular choices.

Bubbles Blossom

Sip NZ Bubbles Day

Sparkling wines, especially Prosecco and Rosecco, will continue to grow in popularity here in New Zealand, turning the drink that has been historically reserved for celebrations into an everyday sip. Launches of small format bottles such as Moët Mini fuel that trend and offer a suitable new format to enjoy bubbles at different occasions.

Rosé is here to stay

Rose wine glasses

Once labelled a by-product, Rosé has come a long way with a huge selection of styles available in New Zealand to suit every taste and budget. Kiwis will continue to drink pink over the next year (especially on Rosé Day on 5 February!) and we’ll see more instgrammable wine-based cocktails and new packaging formats as Rosé unleashes its full potential as a lifestyle drink.

The rise of the wine-fluencer

Chel Loves Wine Chelsie Petras
Chel Loves Wine | Chelsie Petras

Peer to peer and Key-Opinion-Leader (KOL) reviews are becoming as important as wine critics’ thoughts on a product especially for younger consumers, especially in emerging wine markets. New Zealand’s wine influencer scene is in its infancy, but we predict it is going to mature over the next year(s).

New concepts pop-up

Events such as Pinot Palooza and the Urban Wine Walk are shaking up the wine event scene and are offering interesting new ways to taste wines and meet the maker. Exciting pop-up concepts will continue to emerge in 2019 and we are ready for it.

Bye bye trestle tables and laminated tasting notes. You won’t be missed!