Test your taste & get WineFriend to deliver the perfect drop to your door!

Wine Friend Debbie and YvonneWine Friend Debbie and Yvonne

WineFriend is a savvy online wine retailer that delivers curated cases of wine to your door, each and every bottle matched to your taste buds. It’s like My Food Bag for wine lovers!

First off you need to complete a simple eight question taste test so that the WineFriend team can find out your preferences for sweet, sour, bitterness and intensity of flavour. They then select wines that are tailored to your taste and deliver them to your door. Pretty clever!

So who are the wine-preneurs behind this unique service?

WineFriend is the brainchild of wine expert and Thirsty Work presenter Yvonne Lorkin and wine industry veteran Debbie Sutton. We caught up with CTO (Chief Tasting Officer) Yvonne Lorkin to find out more about their wine venture and the wines that are part of their curated service.

Hi Yvonne, thanks a lot for your time…

How did you come up with the idea? 
My good friend (and now business partner) Debbie Sutton had this brilliant idea about how we could make it easier for people to try new wines and expand their horizons without all the uncertainty and hassle that comes with trying to choose wines in a supermarket.

She is the creative genius.  It clicked instantly with a desire I’ve had for years to create a way of showing people more of the amazing wines that I’m tasting on a daily and weekly basis.

Who should sign up? 
Everyone! Actually anyone who enjoys wine and wants interesting and (most importantly) excellent examples, tailored to their individual taste buds and delivered direct to their door.

Anyone who wants to break away from the banality of the supermarket selections without breaking the bank.

Anyone who’s keen to tell me about what makes their taste buds tick and trust that I’ll take that information away and choose wine from a list of my favourites that’ll take away the hassle and guesswork of doing it yourself.

Wine Friend

How are you choosing the wines?
The wines I select come from loads of different sources; and while we are huge champions of local, lesser-known wineries, it’s great to be able to include fantastic wines that I’ve tasted from countries like Spain, France, America, Argentina, Australia, Italy, Chile, Germany and the rest.

The wines have to speak for themselves, regardless of what type of producer they come from. They have to be great.  Not just good.

But we have wines from ‘conventional’ producers, organic, biodynamic and ‘natural’ producers – but most are seriously into sustainability which is something we actively encourage at WineFriend.

Thanks Yvonne!

Find out more about WineFriend on their website and make sure you follow them on Facebook | Instagram & Twitter.

Happy shopping!

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