Wonderfully Boutique Wines with Boutique Connection

Boutique Connection

Boutique Connection, an exciting new wine online shop, officially launched last week here in New Zealand. Founders and industry newbies Scarlet and Sam created this inspiring space to primarily tell boutique producers’s stories and help sell their wines on the back of it. A win/win initiative that’s centred around brand stories rather than discounts!

But before you head over to Boutique Connection to check it their range and subscription, let’s find out more about Scarlet and Sam and their wine journey to date.

What sets Boutique Connection apart from other online wine retailers?

I think it’s our genuine dedication to sticking by our boutique producers and staying true to the meaning of boutique. We really are so strict on who we have join the Boutique Connection family and believe that there is a place for a platform like us to provide exposure and awareness for the little producers in New Zealand.

All of our producers are doing AMAZING things and it all too often goes unseen, we’re here to change that. First and foremost we exist because we believe in supporting and promoting our producers and selling our product comes second. 

When and why did you fall in love with wine?

We fell in love with wine on Waiheke Island. It’s actually quite a romantic story.

We had been dating for a few months and Sam thought a romantic weekend on Waiheke would be the perfect way to make it official, so he booked beautiful accommodation overlooking Matiatia Bay. We picked out some beautiful reds from the Waiheke Wine Centre and spent the evening on the decking under the stars.

The next day, a big wine tour! Our love for wine (and each other) grew and grew and when we discovered boutique producers after growing tired of commercial tasting rooms, there was no turning back. They are passionate kiwi battlers and it’s impossible not to be impressed with their resilience and passion.

What’s your go-to wine at the moment?

Scarlet: “This is so hard, it changes so much, but I would have to say that the Moy Hall Sauvignon Blanc is absolutely incredible and I need 500 stored in my house for summer”.

Sam: “Tony Prichard from de la terre in Hawkes Bay makes a seriously good Tempranillo, I’m worried that if I order a case to add into one of our packs it may not make it into them…

If your other half would be a wine, what would they be?

Sam: Scarlet would be a Martinborough Pinot Noir – young, promising, sweet and labelled beautifully.

Scarlet: Sam would be a bottle of Late Harvest Viognier because he’s older, sweet and a little bit cute.

The NZ wine industry is …  

… so much fun. We were welcomed with open arms and as newbies, this was a pleasant surprise! It really is a fantastic community of cool people. However, the NZ wine industry lacks true boutique representation, we’re going to change that!

Dead or alive, we’d love to share a glass of wine with

Honestly, we’d want to get every single one of our Boutique Connection producers in one room for food and wine… that would be amazing, imagine the passion and banter!

Share an item from your professional and personal bucket lists

Professionally, we want to create the one and only true hub for New Zealand boutique wine, acting as a free marketing platform for our producers and as a bi-product of that, hopefully sell some wine! We have a few long term plans that will be really exciting to slowly roll out as we hit milestones.

Personally, we want to travel the world to drink wine, maybe party a little bit too much with like minded individuals and explore everything and anything. We might need to actually sell some more wine first…

Thanks a lot for your time Scarlet and Sam and all the best for your Boutique Connection adventure. Check out their online store now and makes sure you follow them on Instagram & Facebook.